RHOA Review

Well, I just watched the Real Housewives of Atlanta and this is my take on what happened tonight.

Nene: I’ve watched most of the season (haven’t seen all of this season or last season), but I can tell that Nene is definitely maturing from her first showings. I think she’s doing a better job at becoming the peace maker instead of the peace breaker. I love me some Nene, I really don’t have much to say about her; for this particular episode.

Cynthia: Cynthia has a bad habit of being messy. At first it was Kandi who wore the crown and still does, but tonight wasn’t called for. Kenya wouldn’t even have had the ammunition she had to come after Natalie while simultaneously throwing a dart to Kandi if she hadn’t opened her mouth. And that’s the downfall with these women; just because you get some information on somebody doesn’t give you the right to share it with the whole world and then look dumb as hell when it comes back to bite you in the ass. Close your mouth! If somebody reveals something about your friend or someone you know, tell it to that person. Simple.

Kandi: If everyone is saying the same thing about your man, then it’s probably true. Now that what other people is saying is coinciding with what Mama Joyce is saying, that ought to be a red flag. Now everybody has a past and in order to make a relationship work, yes start on a clean slate, but don’t be completely blind to the fact that if homeboy was an opportunist before, more than likely he hasn’t changed. And Kandi thinks that supporting a man is her way of showing her love and willing admitted that she’s a proud sugar mama, I have some thoughts on that honey…

Kenya: I don’t care what anyone says, I LOVE me some Kenya. Yeah she starts a lot of stuff but hey if you really think about it the show wouldn’t even be half as interesting if she hadn’t started anything. Do I think it was her place to say what she said, absolutely not. She wrong as all hell for starting the stuff she starts. And nobody has the right to air out other people’s dirty laundry. If your clothes ain’t clean, dried and packed away then don’t be so ready to put the spin cycle on someone else’s. Just Saying…

Porsha: She is the poster child of the American Public School System. How the hell you 32 years old and not know that the Underground Railroad wasn’t a real train? And I’m not even going to get on the fact that baby girl’s grandfather is Hosea Williams. He should be marching in his grave that his own flesh and blood would embarrass him and his family name like that, on national television. Now people upset at the fact that she bought an 8,000 square foot home; well how do you expect a grown ass woman who thought a metaphoric entity was real and having an abusive/controlling husband is okay to make a smart decision? Stuff like this is the reason why black folks get laughed out, why we don’t get taken seriously…buying up stuff we don’t need, is the reason why you always hear about us being broke and having bankruptcies because our people feel like once we get a little money and a little status that we somebody, or we got some damn where and we get blind, deaf, and dumb. This is why other races will always outsmart us. We have got to do better. It ain’t like we’ve been at the top of the food chain, hell, we created the top of the food chain, we just haven’t been there in a minute. And this goes to show that we’ve gotten away from US, who we are. When you know better you do better. I need for someone to send Ms. Porsha a nice Black History Month gift package; These movies; Malcolm X, Sankofa, Roots, Boycott, Selma Lord Selma, Hidden Colors 1&2 etc.

Phaedra: What can I say about Phaedra? Phaedra pretty much kept her nose clean tonight so I’m going to spare her 🙂 I do have a love for Phaedra but she does have some ways I don’t particularly care for….

That’s it my darlings..till tomorrow!

~The Opinionator~


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